Use Your Mind – Meta-Thinking

Thinking about one’s thinking requires a specific awareness that we normally do not employ.  Check out Jeffrey Schwartz’s work on self-directed neuroplasticity and you will see the profound implications of how a scholar can take charge of his/her brain.  Dr. Schwartz argues that you, who you are, cannot be reducible to a 3 lb mass of matter called brain. You have mental force capabilities that can actually change your neural circuits.  This has now been documented through research into obsessive-compulsive disorders and stroke victims who self-direct their recovery by thinking.  You are not your brain, you are the essence that has a great tool called BRAIN….use it to make a difference or lose it to the mindless influences of the world full of unholy necessities.

What is your intention?  As you get to know your brain better and you engage in self-contemplation and prayer, keep a journal of your thoughts.  Think about your purpose… use wisdom. Notice what thoughts and emotions are present, accept them and then let them go.  Then choose the subject of your focused attention and examine what you see, hear, smell, taste,  touch, and experience as you concentrate on what you are attempting to think about.

It is now Memorial Day here in the United States.  You might join me in thinking on what this day really represents for you, your family, America, and its citizens.  Remember to enjoy this day, because it is your day given to you by the grace of God.  The good book says that all of our days are numbered.  Don’t waste the opportunity.  What will you do today to make a difference?  Meta -Think and then take action!

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