“Every day presents you with ways to grow and to help the people you care about grow. How can you remember to look for these chances?” states  Dr. Carol Dweck, on pg. 244 in her book titled “Mindset”.  Dr. Dweck believes that either you tend toward a growth mindset or a fixed mindset and you probably are not aware of which one you are using.   Read her book and you will be looking for ways to actualize a growth mindset, unless of course there is nothing more you need to learn!

I have always liked the statement my friend Bob Moawad would use in his “Increasing Human Effectiveness” seminars:  “Either you are green and growing, or you probably are ripe and rotting!”  The choice to remain green seems obvious to the growth mindset personality.  The fixed mindset person is about playing it safe and looking good, always!

I would encourage all of you who are willing to risk making changes in your life to go to page 245 of Dweck’s book and make a photocopy of the diagram she has placed there. Paste this graphic to a place in your home (think bathroom mirror) where you will see this visual daily.  Then every day becomes an opportunity for your mind to choose a path that directs your brain, your thoughts, your emotions, to take actions that will help you to grow and develop.  Physically, you my be growing, but what about your mental, emotional, social, and spiritual self?  Are you growing in all ways and always?  Embrace both the positive and negative feedback your actions will receive as opportunities to learn from your experience.  Character is forged on the anvil of risk.

10 years from now, will you have just one year of experience repeated 10 times, or will you truly have 10 years worth of learning experiences? Stay out of the rut labeled “routine” and become the extraordinary creative person you were designed to be in the first place. Stretch and reach your highest potential.  “Behold the turtle who will only make progress when s/he sticks their neck out!”  Either you are expanding or you are contracting.  If you want to coast, then remember that coasting only happens when going downhill.

You can start today by reading a good book(s) while expanding your understanding of the way life really works.  Daily reflect on what you have learned, and then journal your thoughts while you seek after worthwhile, predetermined goals that are in alignment with virtue and good values.  Remember to serve others as well as yourself.  Seek mentors and engage in conversations that lead to wisdom!  And above all else, forgive and love.

The world needs you to be the best you can be, a shining light in an increasingly dark landscape.  Be the type of person that truly cares. Find a way to serve someone else that serves.  The heart of your education should be about the education of your heart!

Live, Laugh, Love, Learn, Leave a Legacy!

What is your mindset?

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